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Social media is a powerful platform where you can gain attention, grow your business and make promotions of your business. It helps in expanding your social media followers, simultaneously developing your business. With the help of social media, engagements with the audience, advertisements of products, reaching the targeted audience has become innovative and accessible. But the challenging thing is to maintain social media effectively and grow your media to expand social networks and communications. Say it Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, managing a social media page is challenging and not to mention exceptional. You may be thinking about how to grow your social media? Here are some practical approaches to grow your business on a few social media platforms.

Grow Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to increase your business and have a good increase in social media followers. You can promote your business in an innovative and trendy way concurrently, increasing your social media page. Instagram is the best social media page to show your products solely and becomes a primary platform in growing your social media presence. Here are some feasible social media growth tips on Instagram.

Make the first impression the best.

We all know about the quote, “the first impression is the best impression.” When you are a newbie on the social media page and have no idea how social media works, make your profile look attractive with a fashionable username proceeded by an exceptional bio and profile photo. In the process of audience gain, this is the primary thing to do as you will not be having followers and will surely need to expand your social network and grow your social media page. A good username and bio will always impress the audience. Keep them fashionable with an outstanding and relatable profile picture. It helps in building curiosity among the users that your product is exceptional and gives you a follow.

Follow your competitors’ followers

For a business, it’s not uncommon to have competition. Always look into your competitors’ progress on their social media page and know the followers’ behavior. Follow those who are active users. They’ll surely visit your page when you give them a follow. It leads to engagements to your page and slowly drives traffic for the profile visits.

Better the posts, better number of followers

Always upload posts that are better in quality. In your goal of audience gain, you must always reach up to the expectations of your followers. Your posts must have a reason for them to give a like or comment to enquire about the product – As a result, it will be getting more engagements by reaching more users. People with a similar interest will give you a follow, and you will be having a growth in your social media page. Are you thinking of how to design some creative posts? Check out these Instagram posts for some creative posts for your social media page, and grow your followers.

Contemporary Instagram stories

Insta-stories are one of the best methods for the promotion of your product and maintain social media profitably. It is the simplest method to promote your page. Create a unique story design for your product and upload it with the relevant hashtags that are trending. It reaches a large number of people and helps in gaining followers. You can even share your post to the story so users can view them by visiting your social media page. Check out these Instagram story templates for some trendy Insta-stories for your page.

Alluring Instagram highlight icons

Insta-stories will be lasting only for 24hours. So highlight them while posting, or you can find them in the archived section on the profile page. By highlighting, your users can see them whenever they want by visiting your social media page. At this moment, make them feel inspired by your highlights cover page and a trendy name to it. The highlight icons add attraction to the page and a reason to visit your page. Brighten up your social media page by designing some alluring highlight icons in the process of building an apparent social media page. Check out these Instagram highlight icons for the charming highlight icons for your page.

Build an impressive Instagram feed

Having an impressive feed for your social media page is the crucial thing in expanding your social network. When your followers or new users visit your page to look out for your posts or stories, impress them by maintaining an attractive feed. In the process of audience gain, a marvelous Instagram feed becomes an innovative tool to grow your media. Design a puzzle feed for the alluring look of your social media page and have audience gain. Check out these Instagram puzzle feed templates for your page and have a growth in your followers.

Grow Facebook Followers

Facebook is a giant social media platform. You can grow your business on Facebook and build a remarkable social media page. Here are a few ways and means to expand your social network on Facebook.

Share quality content posts

Remember, the content you are posting must be of good quality. People expect content from you that is of a finer one. Always try to give your best to present the premium content that helps in maintaining social media effectively. Don’t publish the posts that are a blur, as it may lead to getting unnoticed by your followers. It leads to not having engagements for the page. So, always make the content of high quality with an appropriate description.

Facebook stories

It is one of the most effective strategies to promote your business. Add a Facebook story about your products with an appropriate caption. It helps in driving traffic to your social media page as followers visit your profile to check the contents of your business.

Usage of hashtags

Hashtags play a pivotal role in getting more engagements to your page. If your posts and stories don’t get enough likes or shares, add hashtags to them. It helps in reaching a large number of users and driving traffic to your page. Just make sure to mention relevant hashtags instead of hashtags that don’t suit your business needs.


Pinterest is sharing of photos, videos, ideas, recipes, etc., on social media pages. Share your business products here by pinning them with a good description. Below are a few tips to expand your social media page on Pinterest.

Modernize your pins

In the quest to expand your social network, you need to keep updating all the time. Pin your products at regular intervals with good captions. Add a link that takes the audience to your website and have a glance at your business products. It not only drives traffic to your social media page but also to your website too.

Photogenic posts

Always click photos with a better aspect ratio. People look for those photos which are photogenic. They are more likely to visit that particular page that has better quality photos. So, always make sure to bring out the best photography of your products and grow your media.

Pin at trending times

In social media, almost every time, a topic or other keeps trending. At that moment, spawn the most use of it for your social media page to grow. Pin innovatively and drive traffic to your page as well as your website.

These are a few social media growth tips to expand your social network and generate traffic to your page.

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