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For a business page or a newbie, building an Instagram page is a challenging factor. You can create a page in a quick time. However, to grow free Instagram followers(namely organic followers) and run the page smoothly is crucial for any business to survive in the existing competition. In the process of gaining followers, many are buying fake followers or bots to gain more followers. But they won’t be of any help to your page. The real followers are the ones who can help you get free Instagram followers and grow your page. Here are few practicable approaches to how you get free real followers on Instagram. 

Effective marketing strategy 

A vivid and emphatic marketing strategy has to be there before starting a page. In the quest of growing free Instagram followers, it is an essential thing. Research how the users are reacting to your competitors’ products. Analyze their behavior. Stick to your goal of getting thousands of followers for free. Implement a result-oriented strategy that attracts the users and gives you a follow. 

Keywords research 

Before your’s, there are many business pages similar to your products. You have to appear to the users and know about your business, then only you will be able to get free Instagram followers. Research for the keywords that suit your business and use them in the bio or post 

or story to reach your page at the targeted audience. With the use of relevant keywords, your page gets high engagements, and constructively, it helps to grow free Instagram followers. 

A captivating Instagram username and bio 

Your username and bio is the first thing the users notices when they visit your profile. Create an alluring username for your page that gets attracted by the audience. It helps to get visits to your page by the users and drives traffic. As mentioned about the keywords, try to use keywords in the profile name and bio. For example, if your business is a travel agency, use related keywords such as “travel agency” or “travel blogger” in the profile name and bio to be transparently noticed by the users. Optimize your page with an alluring username followed by the best use of a 30-word profile name and 150-word bio. It is the primitive step to grow free Instagram followers. 

Traffic-driven posts 

Always post the content that followers like to see and engage. The content that you post must boost your Instagram followers and make them happy. The followers are following you for good content. Never disappoint them by posting awful content or media. It may lead to getting unfollowed by them. So always forge to post the best content that fetches you more traffic and new Instagram followers for free. Are you perplexed about making some trendy

posts? Check out these Instagram posts for some best templates for your page and boost your Instagram followers. 

Stories that drive traffic to your page 

Insta-stories help your posts and website gain more traffic. Design appealing stories with good captions and hashtags by adding a link to your website for driving traffic. It helps in reaching your page at the targeted audience and get more Instagram followers for free. The users can visit your website just with a click and have a glance at your products. Also, share your uploaded post to the story. Sometimes your post may not be displayed on some of your followers’ timelines. By sharing it on your Insta-stories with a caption “new post” on it, your followers can view it. If you are confused about designing fashionable story templates, check out these stylish Instagram story templates to make your stories look beautiful and get free Instagram followers. 

Attract with your story highlights 

Attract your followers by highlighting your stories with a fancy cover photo and name. Because of the disappearance of Insta-stories after 24-hours, highlight the stories from the archived section. Give your highlights a fancy cover photo and name. The followers get attracted and will be a reason for them to visit your page. It is a simple tip to boost your Instagram followers. You can even highlight your story before posting it. 

Design a fascinating Instagram feed 

Maintaining a beautiful feed is very important for a business page. The followers look for the best posts from you. Uploading the posts for receiving feedback “just ok” is not ok for a business page to build effectively in the long run. Displaying the uniqueness of your brand with other brands is crucial. In the form of an Instagram grid, show your creativity in displaying your brands’ singularity and boost your Instagram followers. When followers visit your page, make them feel inspired by looking at your Insta feed instead of being vague. Try maintaining an 18 grid puzzle feed that adds attraction to your page. With the puzzle feed, you will be gaining high insights on your profile visits and helps to get real Instagram followers for free – namely the ones who interact with your page, which is a beneficial thing for your business. Boost your Instagram followers with a fascinating feed and have free growth of Instagram followers. Are you looking for one? Check out these Instagram puzzle feed templates for your Instagram page and get free Instagram followers. 

Sharing your Instagram profile 

Share your page on your website and other platforms to let people know about your page. It is a free promotion to your profile and helps to get more Instagram followers. Just add your Instagram profile’s link in an anchor text or Instagram icon on another platform or your website that redirects the users to your Instagram profile. It generates traffic to your page, helping you to reach your page to a larger audience. These are some of the efficient tips on how do you get free followers on the Instagram page.

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