How to Grow Instagram Followers for Business

Grow Instagram Followers for Business

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The most common query for every Instagram user is how to build Instagram followers count specifically for businesses. Instagram has become a key platform for businesses to promote their brand and products. Having a good amount of social following is a prime thing for promoting the products. According to a survey conducted by Instagram, 90% of accounts follow a business on Instagram every month. 20% of its users visit a business profile every day. This number tells how Instagram has a vast business market. But the challenge is to grow your Instagram profile. So here I am going to mention some sure shot methods of how to build your Instagram.

Setting up an Instagram business profile

Creating a business account is the first step in promoting the brand and products. Building an Instagram page with a catchy username and bio is one of the ways to grow on Instagram and increase followers. Make good use of your 150-word bio describing what business you are doing.

Consistent uploading of posts on Instagram

Keep posting about your brand and products. Describe your products in an appropriate manner that can be easily understandable to your followers. Your posts must be attractive. Always maintain a fascinating feed. You might think, “Well, I made good posts and can build my Instagram followers count and grow my Instagram for business.” That is not enough to increase your Instagram following. Your post must reach a good amount of audience for your brand promotion. In case you are worried about how to make attractive posts and have a beautiful feed. Check these Canva Instagram posts and select your desired templates.

Using the Instagram hashtags

Usage of hashtags is one of the best ways to grow your Instagram. With the use of hashtags for your posts, you will be getting good engagements. But always make sure about the relevant hashtags you mention. Inclusion of hashtags and inclusion of right hashtags is a different thing. As a business page, you must keep engaging with your followers and increase your Instagram following count. Currently, there many trending hashtags such as #love, #friendship, #travel, #beauty, #selfie, #photooftheday, #outfitoftheday. You can include these types of hashtags in promoting your product and increase your Instagram following. But if those hashtags do not meet the business need, your post will not have long-term engagements. For example, if your product is about art, use hashtags that are relevant to it. So always include hashtags that best suit your product and have long-term engagements. These well-suited hashtags will help to build an Instagram page and gain a social following. Thus, the usage of hashtags is one of the ways to grow on Instagram.

Making Instagram stories

Another way to promote your brand and grow your Instagram is by posting Insta-stories. These are a robust tool in Instagram that helps in creating a buzz. While making Insta-stories, add relevant trending hashtags. It reaches the right audience and will have higher engagements. As we all know, Insta-stories last for 24hours. So highlight your story so users can visit your profile and check them whenever they want. It leads to having your profile more visits and can increase your Instagram following. So, guys, Insta-stories are another way of how to grow Instagram followers for business. Need help to create a unique story? Check these Canva Instagram story templates and select the one that best suits your product.

Engage with your Instagram followers

The business profile will be receiving various queries from its clients and followers regarding the product. So, always be responsive to them by sorting out their doubts. It helps in promoting goodwill to your brand. It is another way of how to increase Instagram followers for business.

Keep checking Instagram Insights

For a business profile, you will be having insights into all your posts and stories. The Insights refer to the number of engagements or users every post and story of yours has reached. By checking it, you will be getting an idea of how many people have seen them and how much social following you need to grow your Instagram.

Instagram shoutout tags

Another way of promoting your brand and how to increase your Instagram following is by Instagram shoutout tags. If there is no increase in your social following after promotions, opt for paid shoutouts. Promote your page by getting a shoutout from the pages that have a lot of followers and engagements. In simple, paid promotions. Reach out to those pages with a good social following and discuss with them for the shoutout of your page. Prices will be different for posts and stories depending on the social following the shout page has. It results in higher engagements for your page and increases your social following.

Conventional use of appropriate Instagram filters

Not just hashtags and promotions, filters too help in building an Instagram page. Instagram supports several filters for the posts or stories you make. Applications of the trending filters result in high engagement for your posts or stories with similar interest people. It is one of the best ways to increase your Instagram following. Clarendon, Gingham, The little mermaid are the currently trending filters. So, make the best use of the filters and grow your Instagram.

Look for a good time on Instagram to post

Just posting is not enough. Make sure you do at the apparent time that it reaches a higher number of people and can increase your Instagram following. Have a look at post insights, so you can get an idea on which day you have high engagements and which day has the least. Based on that grounds, make posts or stories. Constructively, there will be an increase in your social following.

Request for followers on Instagram

Well, at the beginning of the page, you may not have a good amount of followers. Try requesting for some followers by commenting on others’ posts or stories. Follow them. Give them like at the beginning of your page. People with similar interests give you a follow back. It is another way to grow your Instagram page with a good social following.

Maintain an attractive Instagram feed

Always maintain an attractive feed that keeps your followers visiting your page. It leads to high engagements on your profile. You might be thinking about how to maintain it. Check out this Instagram puzzle feed. With the puzzle feed, you can do the magic and increase your social media following. Have a glimpse of these 500 Canva templates and choose your design. You can even customize your templates based on your requirements. Hence, make your profile look unique from others, drive traffic to your page and grow your Instagram.

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