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The question that strikes in many social media accounts users’ minds is how to grow a social media following. In the current scenario, it is a crucial factor to consider in the prevailing competition. Social media has flooded with numerous businesses, with each having its competitors as well as challenges. It is decisive to build a following in sustaining the competition and efficiently running your page. Gaining a social media following may seem to be resilient but not as hard. Underneath are a few steady social media growth tips in building a following for your social page and helping to grow your social media platform.

1. Choose your platform

The first thing in starting your page and building a following. Research on which platform is best suitable to meet your business needs and clients. Based on this, you can expand your social media following with organic followers. Whether it may be Facebook or Instagram or anything, you need to grow your social media following to build your page efficiently. Below are a few social media growth tips for trending social media platforms.


It’s impossible to deny that Facebook remains the dominant social media platform where you can build a good following. With over 2.5 billion active users, it should come as no surprise that keeping people on the platform longer is a primary priority. Facebook has launched many new services in recent years that allow the users to do more without having to leave the site, such as the relaunch of Facebook Groups, live video streaming services, the development of a robust advertising platform, and the addition of news publishers. 

Optimize your profile page contemporarily. The better the page, the better the number of followers will be getting. Make the most use of the general features available on Facebook, such as posts, stories, Facebook live. You may think these are the simple things that every Facebook page does. But these features help in promoting your page over many Facebook profiles and driving traffic to your page. And driving traffic to your page is what you need in building a following. So always, make the best uploads from your page that helps in getting engagements in the form of likes, comments, and shares. Try posting innovatively, unlike your competitors. The followers look for trendy products and showcase your products uniquely with a well-suited description and hashtags.

Use Facebook stories to keep your followers updated regarding the latest products that are to be available. Mention the link of your website so that the followers can be visiting your site hassle-free.

Once in a while, do Facebook live describing your products to your followers and sorting out their queries.

These basic things help to fetch new followers and expand your social media following over Facebook.


What wont to be a stylish social media platform for posting filtered photos has skyrocketed into the third most trafficked platform within the world. Instagram has matured to over one billion monthly active users since being non heritable by Facebook in 2012. A lot of curiously, Instagram posts show higher results in engagements for profile pages when compared to Facebook.

The high engaging features such as Insta posts, attractive Insta feed, stories, and highlights are the main reasons for building followers over Instagram. The Instagram algorithm suggests your page to users with similar interests and interactions.

Make consistent uploads of posts. Use the available filters for your post. Be sure to upload better quality photos for receiving likes as well as shares. It helps in driving traffic to your page and builds a following organically. It is one of the best methods to get a big social media following with an organic following. While uploading posts, try maintaining an attractive feed that adds beautification to your social media page. Many business pages and influencers design a beautiful Insta feed that drives traffic to the accounts. It leads to keeping the audience engaged with your profile. Check out these Instagram post templates, Instagram puzzle feed templates for some trendy and unique Insta-feed for your page.

Create beautiful stories about your products and upload them frequently. Just keep them at a limit rather than uploading numerous at a time. Share the uploaded posts as your stories so the followers can check if they missed them on the timeline. Include your website’s link in the story when a new product is uploaded, mentioning “Swipe Up.” The followers can visit your site and get a brief idea about it. It also helps in driving traffic to your website. Look out on these Instagram story templates for unique story templates and build an online following.

Another best thing is the story highlights. As the Insta-stories last only a day, highlight them with a trendy name and an alluring cover icon. This small thing makes your profile look unique from others and will be a reason for the followers visiting your page, just like for your Instagram feed.

Make the best use of the features to create a following on your social media and grow your social media platform.

2. Hashtags

Hashtags play a crucial role in building followers for your social media page. With the inclusion of hashtags in your posts and stories, they will be reaching a large number of accounts over social media. Research on the trending hashtags that suit your products and apply them along. Include the hashtags that are relevant to your products for having long-run engagements to your profile. It helps to get a big social media following for your page and can gain profits accordingly. 

3. Listup your competitors

Analyzing your competition is something you should do regularly in marketing as well as the same is true for social media. What social media channels do they use? What kind of information are they disseminating? How frequently do they share?

Understanding your competitors’ social media strategies and involvement might help you create a roadmap for what you should do as well. Even more crucial, studying your competition will help you identify ways to set yourself apart as a brand in the eyes of the target customers you’re eying on in the process of building an online following organically.

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